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2021-07-30 15:42:39 (UTC)

3 things needed in a relationship. Diary prompt.

1. Trust
2. Loyalty
3. Madness

I know the first two are too common but you need to go bat shit crazy sometimes. I know certain people are wound up so tight. They do things their way and based on past experiences they stick with it. If you threw a pillow at your partner it has to lead to a fun pillow fight. If you nudge them while walking they have to slap your ass back.

stuff like this keeps the relationship young. we all age with time. titties fall to the floor and so do the balls hang lower than usual. but that inner child in your should always be there young and playful. thats how yoru grandparents can have a healthier sex life than you and your parents. combined.

i can't wait to get home and air dry my balls. its what i look forward to. so you come out from the shower. dry yourself. then you powder your ass and balls. and you spread your legs and just relax. let the air flow down there. its an amazing feeling.

i wonder when i will if ever start my diary with the words so today i met a girl, or i'm getting married, or today i was happy, or i don't want to kill myself from the inside everyday.