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2021-07-30 07:53:58 (UTC)

Refuse Vaccine

Below is a list of reasons why it would not impede mission
readiness, nor disrupt my physical capacity to perform, if I do
not receive a COVID Vaccine.
1. The Low Mortality Rate of the Disease
The particularly low mortality rate of the disease, but
also its distribution by age, clearly denote that
vaccination, whenever it becomes feasible, must be
targeted. This percentage is fictitiously over-evaluated
for the time being (~2.5%) : on the one hand, due to the
over-representation of severely positive cases of the virus
[1], and on the other, given that the death toll from COVID
has also included the deaths of cases found positive for
COVID but with other, underlying diseases (not the SARS
respiratory syndrome). The Center for Disease Control (CDC)
admits this, saying only 5% of deaths involving COVID-19
had COVID as the exclusive cause of death [2]. Recent
studies which have estimated the number of deaths in
relation to the actual number of people exposed to the
virus – based on serological tests (antibody tests) in a
specific geographical area – have determined that this
percentage is of the order of magnitude of seasonal flu
(certainly <1%) [3] The fact of the matter is that COVID
has a 99.74% survivability rate, so saith the CDC [20].
2. COVID Mainly Affects People in the Third and Fourth Age
COVID mainly affects people in the third and fourth age
groups, where the phenomenon of immune senescence [4]
occurs – that is, the reduction in size, quality and
duration of their immune response-protection - which can
occur, after being vaccinated. In other words, the vaccineinduced active immunity may not be capable of protecting
the elderly, who are the par excellence “target” of the
corona virus; hence, the finding of an anti-viral therapy
should be a priority – assuming that the protection of the
elderly is in fact what is desired. The youth are affected
very marginally, almost not at all.
3. Asymptomatic Transmissions of COVID are too Insignificant
to Warrant the Mandate of a Vaccine
Researchers at Nature Communications [5] and the Journal of
the American Medical Association [6] both found that
asymptomatic transmissions of Coronavirus are less than one
percent. In the case of JAMA, 0.7% of transmissions were
among households, which would undoubtedly be lower in the
general population or, hypothetically, a short time in a
workplace where we are already spread apart, or an even
shorter time in close proximity due to the infrequency or
nature of such gatherings. Previously I spoke about deaths
due to the virus, but it is probably even less likely that
I would spread it to another person, if I had it, than the
likelihood that I would die from it. The vaccine’s main
purpose is to prevent the spread of the disease to others,
but that is already incredibly unlikely, not only due to
natural herd immunity, but also because, at this point in
time, most people who have desired the vaccine have
received it, making any mandate of it among those who do
not want it frivolous.
4. Among the Seriously Ill, the Vaccine May Actually Cause
More Harm Than Good
With seriously ill patients, acute respiratory failure
occurs through an immuno-pathological mechanism (a “storm”
producing inflammatory cytokines and reducing CD4 and CD8
T-mediated immune response [7]). There are serious concerns
that vaccination will exacerbate this immune complication
in the event of a subsequent viral infection and will
consequently worsen the patient's clinical course. A
similar effect was observed with the FeCoV coronavirus
vaccine, which affects cats and causes peritonitis. [8].
5. In the 12-29 Age Group, there has been a notable risk of
heart inflammation due to the COVID Vaccine [9]
The CDC reports that there have been many reports of
myocarditis and pericarditis following the reception in
mRNA vaccine recipients. These are inflammation of certain
heart muscles, the myocardium and the pericardium
respectively. The vaccine has caused multitudes of people
who are not allergic to any product in them to suffer heart
inflammation. Many have even died. Therefore, the COVID
Vaccine is not only a spiritual threat, as indicated in the
prior documents, but also a physical threat. It seems to me
very impractical, inconsiderate, and even abusive to
mandate a vaccine that has such a high rate of physical
harm to a recipient.
6. The Vaccine is Temporary and Will Go Obsolete, Will You
Mandate Future Developed Vaccines for Future Mutations of
The logic of eradicating an infectious disease through
global vaccination, on the one hand presupposes the
existence of a very safe and very effective vaccine, and on
the other hand, most importantly that there be no other
hosts of the virus in the natural environment. That is, man
has to be the only species that can host the virus. This is
true of the polio virus, but it does not apply to the
coronavirus, because all research suggests that the virus
originated from bats. Unknown and controversial remains the
intermediate link (host?) which had transported it from the
bats' caves of Wuhan city. In any case, the disappearance
of the virus through global vaccination would only be
temporary - in other words, a terrible waste of resources,
inasmuch as it could transfer from its natural refuge (the
bats or the intermediate host) to the human population at
any given moment, capably mutated for bypassing the
existing herd immunity and initiating a new pandemic.
Coronaviruses, being RNA viruses, mutate rapidly, gaining
genetic and therefore antigenic diversity. This diversity,
especially for coronae, also increases through RNA
recombination, due to the particularly inconsistent mode of
transcription of viral RNAs. Two types have already been
identified for SARS-Cov2, S and L [10][11]. It is doubtful
that a vaccine can provide both equal coverage for all
strains of the virus that emerge, as well as permanent
protection over time, hence underlining one more time the
importance and priority of finding anti-viral drugs against
coronavirus. It is quite likely, therefore, that over time,
a global vaccination evolve into regular global
Could this perhaps be the aim? Perhaps the corona is the
long-awaited pretext for launching the universal transition
to a hybrid human biology, where the human body will be
protected, strengthened and ultimately dependent on
platform technologies (genetic engineering, digital
interfacing) through regular vaccinations-updates. But why
all the rush for a vaccine that not only does not promise
much, but is the cause for concern in the scientific
community, especially if it is produced in a hurry and
implemented en masse? Finally, do the pharmaceutical
industries serve man, or does the opposite apply?
7. Multiple, Eminent Health Authorities From All Across the
World Have Warned Against the Safety and Efficacy of
Coronavirus Vaccines
Dr. Peter Hotez [12], UK scientist Hilda Bastian [13], and
former Vice President of vaccine-manufacturer, Pfizer, Dr.
Michael Yeadon [14] have all warned against the safety of
the COVID Vaccines due to the nature of their creation.
Vaccine development usually takes many years or decades,
whereas the coronavirus vaccine has been manufactured in
less than 12 months. I am not comfortable with receiving a
"fast-tracked" product, as by definition, fast-tracking a
product means there is no data on long-term safety.
8. Current Pfizer CEO Unable to Say if Vaccine Will Mitigate
COVID Transmission [15]
Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, was unable to confirm if any
of effectiveness of the COVID Vaccine. It is evident from
the above that the vaccine has a negligible effectiveness
and a great chance of harm caused to a recipient of the
Vaccine. The Vaccine certainly has greater risks than it
does benefits.
9. Adverse Reactions and Death Caused by the Vaccines are
According to a study done by Harvard [16], at the
commission of the United States Government, less than 1% of
all adverse reactions to vaccines are actually submitted to
the National Vaccine Adverse Events Reports System (VAERS).
These problems have yet to be fixed.
It is unpredictable what negative effects will be suffered
from the reception of the vaccine, therefore I find that it
would be inappropriate to mandate the vaccine and, in fact,
Much of this has been derived from arguments presented by Monk
Paul of the Holy Mountain, Biologist, MD Molecular Biology and
Biomedicine [17], Christian Elliot’s article listing many
reasons why to be skeptical of the Vaccine [18], and an
anonymous hospital worker’s letter requesting an exemption from
the Vaccine [19].
I believe that this is sufficient evidence to conclude that it
would not be against the best interests, nor would it be a
threat to the health and safety, of the environment, workplace,
or my compatriots for me to not receive the COVID Vaccine.
The following is a list of sources demonstrating that not
receiving the vaccine would not be a threat to the organization:
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