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2021-07-29 21:35:05 (UTC)

Not thinking.

I am listening to music. Not thinking much, for once.
I'm sleepy though.

Today, I woke up and stayed in bed for a bit before going and starting my day. I don't exactly remember every single thing I did up until this point. I did have an allergic reaction scare and had to drink Benadryl just in case since my tongue was itching from the food we had ordered. But everything before that was pretty good.
My eyes are tired and nothing really bad happened today. For some reason, I feel like I was barely present, even less than I was during those 2-3 days I spent sleeping through the day. Probably since I can't remember much. It was fun, the time I spent with my family. Oh, I also wrote some stuff for these characters I created using picrew. [Bsf] helped create a plot because she's the kind of person to be able to make a story in 5 seconds while I have the writing skills to make it sound good enough. That was nice. I read some. Watched some youtube. Played some. And now I'm sleepy. My eyes are droopy. But this time, I'm only going to go to sleep. No staying up.