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2021-07-29 18:14:41 (UTC)

Nice while it lasted 😤

A couple of things. Counted my chickens before they hatched. Pay may or may not be what I projected. Sigh.. I know I shouldn't have listened to that crap till money is in hand. It'll still be a raise but as far as how much, now I'm not sure. Pfffttt!!! Still getting one but now it probably not be as much as I thought.

2nd, starting tomorrow, our gym will be back to wearing gosh darn masks. Sigh..... It's not easy when I sweat a lot and my mask gets soaked. Feels like I'm choking a bit. But oh well, it was good while it lasted so whatever. I still will vote for our Gov to be booted out of here when the recall election comes.

Otherwise, all is still drama free on the home front. I know I say that a lot but there was a time in life that I couldn't say that for years on end. So to have this peace even for this length of time is a blessing to me and I am not going to ever take it for granted.

As far as the gym, by Saturday, I'll have 31 workouts in three weeks. We've been given 6 weeks to complete 30 session. I did it in three. Who knows? If I can keep this up, I'll hit 60 in 6 weeks but I don't see myself keeping this up for 6 weeks straight. No need to but we'll see how long this body can hold up.

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