Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-07-29 23:36:41 (UTC)

Boring to write day but idk ..

Boring to write day but idk want to anyway

I read more of the afterward I by mistake got some lasagna sauce on it uggh should of been more careful it’s a libary book but it’s barely there just two spots so maybe they will still take tried to learn how to clean books but I don’t have some of the stuff to clean it and don’t want to mess it up further

Part of me want to dunk some water in it and get lucky

I still need to clean my apartment more in my opinion

I did some yoga it did help a little but I’m still exhausted I’m just not as tense

I also feel like I could do more stuff like walk to a rose garden or bake but I’m still exhausted and burnt out from my parents I want to heal myself but don’t know how to do that really other then take it day by day

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