Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2021-07-29 19:40:21 (UTC)


This morning on the way to work on the bus, these 2 boomers were talking about God-knows-what. I know I don't have to call them boomers, but just to clarify that they weren't kids. So, I don't think they were joking around, but who knows? No one laughed, but me, which means: 1) I have an immature sense of humor. 2) They all need a better sense of humor. I think it's both.

So, anyways, they were talking about prices of things... I don't even know what things. One of them said something about "$69.00" Yes, I laughed at that -- too loudly, in fact. I was trying to let it go, when one of them said, "$420.00." That got me hysterical. Like, really?! Those numbers for prices?! Lol. Now, if they had said, "$66_.00" [I won't write the full number out, but the triple 6 devil number], I wouldn't be laughing.


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