Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-07-29 02:42:00 (UTC)

6 day

Still not recharged all the way. Exhausted a little anxious a little headchey
Same old same old but might do some yoga
t came and helped me with cleaning my apartment
she told me I could fix my necklace with superglue which is what I suspected but wasn't sure
I studied Spanish
Trying to read the afterward again
Might go outside too.
Might do a second diary
Still, have to read the afterward really want to get into cooking but have little energy and motivation any person reading this vegan? Or likes vegan food? Please send me your easy recipes if you want.
Tomorrow will be interesting kinda I am going to play board games at a meetup
Im looking forward to it
Anyway starting to really get into I think not sure but food monks are supposed to eat but microwavable. Hariss teeter sells two brands like that. Love the variety.
I just wish I had a significant other sometimes it's so lonely being alone that or a roommate but roommates are more expensive here.
Edit: I think I only like one brand but not sure because I made it I think wronglol