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2021-07-29 11:00:53 (UTC)

Ways to get a semi 🤪

Holy moly!!!! Just got some great news!! I got word of my new pay. It started this month but I didn't know what it'd be till I got paid. Well, someone found out for us and I'm getting a whopping-effing $10,628 !!!!!!!! That's in U.S. and not Rand, Pesos, or dongs!!! Got dizzy just finding that out. Multiplied it by 12 and it's a nice chunk of change for the year. If that don't get you a semi, nothing will. Sorry, tmi. Too bad. My diary. My silliness. I won't tell anyone else about this so....shhhhhhh. My little happy dance all by my lonesome is going on right now. Amazon's gonna love me even more.

In lighter news, pfffft!! Can't think of any. Oh wait. I do have one. Now that I'm becoming somewhat or a regular-irregular at the 7AM gym sessions, there is a lady that came over to me after class. Her name is Patricia. Guess what color hair she has? I was wrong when I said things work in threes. It's fours. Blonds :) Anyway, she initiated and broke the ice by asking me about my gloves. Haha. My cheap $7.50 gloves I got from Denios (flea market). Told her where to get them and she was actually showing me her hands being a little banged up from punching bags and such. Told her not to buy the fancy-smancy workout gloves because the ones I was wearing was pretty much the same but instead of $30-$40, they were only $7.50 each pair. After class we both went outside and I invited her to my truck. I grabbed one of the many pairs I had and had her try it on. It fit pretty well so I gave it to her. It was a new pair that I just got last weekend. She was so thankful and I told her no problem and not to worry about it. So....that was my day so far.

All good. Another drama free day so far. Still banged up a bit from yesterday's workouts. Yesterday was heavy on the weights and the fly press kicked my butt. We rarely do that and now my man boobs hurt when I touch them. 😱 But this morning's session was AMRAPs (as many reps as possible) so pretty much mostly just cardio. I go again after work so I should be less sore by then.

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