2021-07-29 16:59:19 (UTC)


I couldn’t save you but at least it will never happen again.
In a good life you have to play your cards right-who can rush?
Forced marriage is a way to get around your defenses physical, emotional, and otherwise. There are many deviations on right behavior.

I heard a victim say “I am free. My kids are grown.”
An excerpt of the Story goes like this:
Dawn Tyree was 11 years old when a family friend began to molest her. A bit more than a year later, she became pregnant from these rapes and her parents found out what had been going on. But they did not go to the police; instead they found another solution. “It was decided for me that I would marry him,” Tyree recalled. Tyree became concerned that her husband was a pedophile who might prey on her children so the marriage lasted just three years; at age 16 Tyree found herself a single mom.
In such cases a bride can be coerced even if she isn’t beaten. “I was confused and scared, I just wanted to keep my happy family,” I read in the article “Being unwed with child would have been embarrassing to the family. I wanted (to keep the) peace.
Yes she was blunt about what happened “The marriage was a way to cover up the rape. The marriage was a way of keeping me from being an unwed teen mother. The marriage was a way to avoid any child services investigation. The marriage was a way to avoid child neglect charges against my parents. The marriage was a way to keep my husband out of prison.

As an adult woman with a brave bold outlook on life it is refreshing to hear this story.
Certainly not the harm that its character suffered, but the honesty and strength that it
took to come out and say " This is not what I want."

I want to be safe and secure.

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