If I die today
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2021-07-29 08:28:03 (UTC)

a little outta routine

A little out of routine today as today started semi normal just a walk vs run but on the way home we ran into nDea returning from work as his boss sent him home sick. He is still sick so seems right so he's been home all day. Then did one workout video. I've had emergen c and coffee and food as usal today. 2 melation last night. Slept from close to 10 till 515ish. Also after y's Baile party nDea picked me up (well he picked me up a little early) we did stop for papadia's. so theres that but no reall issiues other than well I feel fat but I'm just fat so that not related. my stomach seemed to handle it. I pooped this morning. Had tea yesterday afternoon too and one of the new v8 I got peach by mistake. I preffer pineapple. Anyhow I'm surviginm my friends asked for nDea and if he was coming to the party they had intended to visit with him aww. And then commetary of how he seems like a nice guy a good man. soo YAY . they likehim. IDK if he likes them them. but I gotta winner!!. I like him too he's a ckeeper. In reality thou had he not been sick he wouldnt have came to the party anyway he was oly planning on picking me up. In world news so been thinking of this whole irack/iran/ thing whatever and troops coming back I wonder if they ae going to be used for martial law soon or to just turn on us. Which reminds me I still need to look up the united nations sustaianble goals again . Anyhow also thinking about mask and stuff well everyone that needs to know knows my stance of selfsuffaction devices. And there was a third thing that already slipped my mind before I can put it out there. just thinking thou. oh so I'm having great trouble finidng an offarble replacement pur water filter pitcher filter. and on the webiste it says a lot is out of stock and so on and amazon sure is making a killing at 20Plus for a single filter. Anyhow this is the times we live it sh!ts happening. Also i feel bad for not noting aJessic as one of my friends yesterday and she is a true friend too been there thru and thru. Well I think I do want to keep writing to people. Althou I seem to be wanting to write to nonfreinds or whatever but one day at a time so I wanna do the srFoste's today althou they will likely never know and be tracked and I'm still mixed in thoughts and heart . it weighs on me often so who knows maybe having this will bring healing so thats next

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