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2021-07-29 15:52:53 (UTC)

Humans confusing

So i made a decision since boss wasn't there. and then i get yelled at for making it..


i realized a good way of making the yelling short. i keep saying yes good idea and saying yes. that way he repeats it only a few times to me. if anytime you are getting yelled at and you know they ain't gonna understand you then just agree and get it done with quickly.

i don't feel angry or frustrated if im yelled at. it wasnt a mistake. my logic was different than what he had in mind. simple as that. and iv'e had such instances plenty before too but i don't care now. before it used to bother me. but now nope. unfortunately when he isn't there i have to tackle the administrative part which im totally so bad at. like literally. and he knows it but he still lets me do it cause he got no

today gonna be a long sucky day. and holy fuck he ain't there tomorrow and day after which means i gotta do all this too.

how do you keep yourself happy without any external influence. Im so tired of hearing the bullshit that happiness comes from the inside mumbo jumbo and none of them tell you how. thats like giving half ass bad advice. i know its different for each person but even a blueprint will do.


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