By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
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2021-07-29 12:30:23 (UTC)


I remember when this song really hit me. It was in 2014 era. I remember it like was yesterday. I had the night shift job from 10 to 6. So there i was on my way back in the train. I had my black hoodie on. it was almost empty my compartment.

Then a group of teenagers come in. Couple of girls and guys. Chilling out and talking and all of that. Sitting opposite them i felt awkward and uncomfortable. i felt alone. then the song came in and i remember looking outside to the horizon these tall buildings. three of them in a row. the sun was behing there rising and i could see the rays through the buildings. i just stared out blank.

inside i was wondering when i would or ever enjoy the company of others.

i don't see how relationships can be hard. if you see the signs then just leave. i did that. she said we could date and if it doesn't work out we will be friends. but in the end she had to go and kiss another guy. she couldn't chose between us. so i made it easier and i left.

You know when people say that they are with someone else and they still love you thats bullshit. cause if she really did love me she wouldn't be attracted ot him in the first place. sometimes logic will clear up all what the heart has questioned you over sleepless nights. yes i know it's hard. the mixed signals. the constant anxiety and frustration. ive been through all of that. ive had the arguments, the messages where you type in shit and keep deleting it. you want to be with them but they make it impossible. everytime you have to see their way.

just end it. you will cry but you will also have closure.


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