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2021-07-28 23:23:00 (UTC)

Love my Independance

The Doors - Light my fire

Wheeew-weeee that was a long day! Good one though :)) other than Prime (high up boss in the day job) trying to bribe me. A fuck for a fancy car, etcetera.

All in all with the day job and night job I've done a 15 hour day working, but im not complaining. All productive stuff and earning me my way in life.

The night job boss lady is so lovely. She and I already warmed to one another, she gave me the best delivery jobs that paid the best 😉😁 and after my third delivery and returning back she called me into her office and it wasn't for anything in particulsr, she just wanted to chat.

I mentioned in an earlier entry I knew she was lonely and tired of life. Well, she confirmed it tonight. Telling me she works from 9am until 11pm six days a week. She has no life at all, she needs a friend, and I know (she doesn't yet) that she needs a light to open her eyes to enjoy life again with less work. I will give it a few weeks then invite her out for a night out. Nothing heavy just get her away from her work. I will help her see and have enthusiasm for life again.

She wanted me to work tomorrow. I said, "No" and explained that I already told her I won't work Thursday or Sunday nights. In fact, I already reduced it to four nights a week instead of five because I do not want to burn myself out, with having a full time day job too. She said, "Whatever you want to is okay with me, less or more days you just let me know" I thanked her for the opportunity. They're all friendly lovely people there.

I never did go out on the first delivery with another driver, I told her, I was happy too get on with it and she let me go straight into the deep end. And off I went. I did twenty deliveries and it was kinda interesting to see how the general public treat delivery drivers. Mostly like they're invisible. It gave me jolt back to my early days when I would work in restaurants and how shitty people can treat you. Well, it's no exception for delivery drivers either. I don't receive that type of treatment in my day job, im respected by my staff and my clients but that's because they need me and we're dealing with big bucks.

The way of the world is all wrong.

Anyway, my phone kept pinging throughout my night job from Ed, Prime, my lashes lady, my friend Vicky, and Phil tried calling me then text loads of stuff. I couldn't answer any, I was to busy.

When I got home though, I called Phil which was around half eleven at night. He's in America so five hours behind me, so early evening for him. We chatted for a bit. He's kinda helping me overcome my aversion to video calling. A traumatic event in my teens caused it, but anyway we had a chat for a bit until I was just too tired to talk anymore.

Now I have four days off the day job (using up holiday) plus the weekend but im working the night job Friday and Saturday. So I've some time to relax, go hiking, spend time with my daughter and likely continue my planning for garden and house and get some reading in!!! 👍😁

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