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2021-07-29 00:05:28 (UTC)

and now they spoiled He-MAN

Yes as a grown as adult in my late 30's i grew up watching HE MAN and GI JOE over the weekends. And those were the best times.

Now if anyone has been scanning the horizon one can see the rage brewing over the new HE MAN remastered which hit us recently. Nobody is happy. They so ruined it all. Hahhahaha. First when i saw it i was like okaaaaayyyyy the girls are looking more muscular like guys and where the hell is HEMAN??

I think this whole feminist thing and making everything female happy is getting out of hand. I am now worried about future movies in hollywood. Will they all be this fucked up? are movies really dead now?? Even in Loki they put in the female character and slowly pushed her into the spotlight and our boy Loki got pushed away to the side.


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