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2021-07-28 10:19:13 (UTC)

Yesterday's blond moments🤪

So I mentioned yesterday about my spinner position that may have been open but declined. Well, things seem to work in threes because in yesterday's morning class, this certain coach don' let up pick our stations. I was put at the battle ropes station. That station really burns your arms wiggling those ropes around and with my sponge bob arms? It's like arm death. hehe. Anyway, I put my gear down and go to the bathroom before starting. I come back and class was starting. Coach always makes us greet each other in our station to be social and to create that team spirit. I greet the peeps on the left and I turn to my right. Low and behold, there is a giant amazon blond lady next to me. I laugh and shake my head at the same time. She looks at me like I'm weird wondering why I'm laughing. I didn't give her the details of what was rambling in my head.

Went to work after that as usual and attended the afternoon gym session. In this one, that coach don't care which station we go to. My survival instinct is to always go for the toughest station first. Get the toughest one done while you still have the energy to do so and that's my plan. Also, I noticed no tall blond women in that station so I could focus and not deal with it. Don't get me wrong, they don't want me at all or at least just as friends only. I just didn't want that reminder in the back of my head of being the spinner. So... all is good. People are there trickling in and class starts. No amazon blonds in my station as I carefully selected. Then.... a car pulls in late. I see it and thought...(Chances of a tall blond coming in is low). But.... she comes in and...yup.. another Amazon blond woman walks in. She got 5 choices to pick. 5!!!!!! Where does she go? To the "spinner" section of course. Sigh.... But this lady is cool. If I were to tag her with a persona, I'd say she fits the Librarian mode. She is actually pretty cool and we've had small chit chats about little things but gym stuff. So yeah.. I thought that was funny yesterday.

There is one blond I'd like to get to know more. She knows who she is and I'm taller than her this time so...neener-neener 😜 But she lives pretty far so I may as well date a martian. Well, my 15 min break is over. Time to start that bringing home the bacon thang. Later diary :)

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