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2021-07-28 22:51:02 (UTC)

Don't be a prick...

If you are into the whole turning to electric shit to save the planet hype then don't, be a prick of the first order.

Let me ask you numbnuts a question. Where do you think all the electricity comes from to power your electric shit in the first place ehhhh?

From power plants who burn fuels and who also emmit those same harmful gasses you want to avoid. So if you ain't gonna make your car shoot out some harmful gasses from it's ass then it makes no fucking difference cause the big ass power plant has to burn more fuel just so that your dick electric car can get it's juice up.

Is it just me or can you not all see past this ridiciluous bullshit.

the term Apes strong together can never be more correct. humans are strong together. but also can be a bunch of assholes too. What if we all banned apple products? didn't subscribe to their services? all billion of us. the company would crumble and fall. we can do that you know. but we won't. we can forfeit the products until they lower down the prices or some shit. without you and me their big ass company is nothing. If a new manufacturer comes close to giving us the apple services cheaper than them then holy satans titties they are in trouble.

if i were the richest man would i use my money to help the world? fuck no. i would only help if it would make a difference. cause i know humans. they are greedy and selfish. rather than giving away money to charity i would actually do something for them. i rather build a home and give them than to give a huge amount and then half goes to all the corrupt middlemen and a small portion gets used eventually. everyone is after their cut. so fuck no. no ways.

when in your heart you believe that all politics is bullshit then you are at peace. you no longer are suprised at the scams which come out. you no longer are frustrated about the pathetic state of affairs in your country. you know the reason. knowing is better than not knowing. always.


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