If I die today
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2021-07-28 06:36:32 (UTC)

dance music

so been listening to I hope you dance repeatly this morning. Why does it cause such a reaction? Literaly tears. IDK but on rascal flatts now my wish IDK we will see whats next. nDea is home sick today he's defintly got the headcold. I ate a lot last night then got cramps. I would swear that i had pelvic prolasp is I had to self diagnosis I felt a ball in there this morning. not litteraly i didnt feel inside just the pressure. Anyhow I know time and time again I've been evalauted and a much simpler problem is I'm some sorta over/under eater. dietery drama and constipation or not seems likely. Toook some gas ex after walking the dog to get coffee. noting weirdness some tweekers were int he parking lot next to the coffee store with 2 violine and instrumnet cases and one waved at me no harm no fowl. i know that guy does play gutia and likes me but its possible me and the dog walked past a drug deal. Today's yBaile's birthday party. I'm still well. Took some tea yesterady 2 mealtion at like 8ish slept before 10 till 5 then 6 then got up. Thinking of hJos on my walk today with the dog IDK just thinking of m nephew and sister. also it occured to me that since nDea theres a lot less weird male figures in my life as far as friends that I nuture a friendship that they hope secertly or not turns into a date and these men are like fClif, tScot, nSea and so on. Althou I shouldnt be/ been so selfish to think I can reap the reqards of friendship and deny them their realy thinking. IDK I shouldnt have ever entertained those freindships knowing i'm not really ugly and people can be needy and lost and depsrate dark hopeles places. ill be on the gas ex today and probaly protobitics too as well I know the party drinks are all sugar not sure what the homemade tea is thou. I shoulda got a case of water oh well. Anyhow also doing emergen-c . tea blah blah and so on cold remedies just in case. trying to maintain as much normal habbits as I can even thou nDea's home so soon I may want to start chores. I should start writing to people thou and/or about them. IDk where to start my nephew is on my mind today and my sister. maybe I'll make a wish list. well wishes are evil maybe intention thought list. starting for myself.. I'll write a letter to myself to start.

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