Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-07-28 13:23:36 (UTC)

Sticky Situation

Dear Lord and Spirit above, saaaaaaave me! Holy coconut balls, how in the fuckity did I get myself into this conundrum!

Life is so busy right now, all my fault, of course, my choices but it's in the name of parenting and providing for my one and only superb baby spawn - my daughter. And creating our home to mirror the love and support we have shared between one another to reach our peaceful kingdom together. So it is important, and happiness follows ever so closely to our sense of safety and peacefulness and stamping our character in our home. Plus, I love to decorate and do DIY, I like creating beautiful feelings from the environment around me and us, as does my daughter.

But now, I have put myself into an extremely awkward position and not my fault. Some time back (a couple of years ago) I used to play with someone in a very high position in my company. I stopped it after six months or so because I wasn't seeking a relationship and it progressed to him wanting just that. We remained "friends with a past" and never had any bad words between us, he is a mature, intelligent, calm man but quite the adventurous type. Anyway, my fancy company car needs to be returned (lease-up) and the ridiculous list the fleet management sent me was a definite "No" from me. So I text, my "friend with a past" and asked if could sort me out with another car of the same make and model I already have. Well, he was straight into the text box, said he will have a look for me and find me one but can he see me as well. So yeah, you see where this is going.

Oh dear :/

Anyway, other than that news. Work today in the day job has been ultra-productive as was yesterday and I'm off to the night job tonight. Should be fun, lol....I remind myself it's just "spenders" money and if it turns out shit, I'll just find another evening delivery job because I have plans for my house and I am not using my savings to pay for them and my daughter's things. See how it goes :)) I'm in with another driver for the first drop then I am being thrown in the deep end....LOL.....I did tell her, it's fine I am sure I can work their GPS and make deliveries without confusion lol but she insisted....Okay then, boss lady, as you wish...Just gimme my spenders! :D :))

Anyway's, au revoir. Stay safe