If I die today
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2021-07-27 14:07:09 (UTC)

we're sick

since Sunday I have been battling these intermitnemnt intense pelvic cramps. I pooped this afternoon which in theory should help. right now Im a 1 for pain and maybe a 4 for exhaustion. otherwise been a little discomfort sinus wise and general blah went to bed around 8 last night slept at 10 with 2 1mg melations then woke up at 520 to nDea's alarm but got outta bed at 6 the walked the dog did a relaxtion workout video and back to bed sleeping. watching 3's company. eating and apple till 10 just before nDea came home "sick" sinus/headcold like ordeal. his boss sent him home. nDea's sister thinks she has strep and so anyhow theres some illness going around. for me the new things are well I've been smoking seems like more in the evenings for those cramps has been the trend. Also just tired. Taking pamprin on rar occasion so still less than once a day. I'm having crystal light right now vs coffee olny bc I didnt wanna wake my love by making 3oclock additcion coffee so made a crystal light energy instead. Also the constipation and gas or is it lack of? I will need gas ex tommrow just before the party well to be curdious. Also i'm goin to take precatuionary cold medicne before I go as well so I dont appear unwell. I wanred yLindse of nDea illness she said still come long as I'm not sick. I took one emeregn-c today and will do another tommrow. At the end of the month I typically try to limit med and vitimations just to allow process time and also I keep attempting some sorta fast for the last 10days of the month on a spirtiaul level but well its never been done purely so work to do on myself. I ordered up some more emergen-c and meds plus 1 tea. We just bought new honey yesterday at the store so thats perfect for me. also I got vicks and more sinus rinse i just rinsed but will keep on that daily for a few days here. As far the pain cramps well I gotta straighten out my diet and I think i need to be careful about pooping and medicine. so I'm pretty sure thats all the mediccal news from me. been thinking about this and as I prossess my life man theres much to be said and a lot of wrong I have done and I'm considering reformatting a little using this if I die today as inteneded. so when people like aTany , RLB, zSchult' , or 'srFoster come to mind writing out the letters to them or about the incidents as its highly unlikely on many levels I'll have contact that is productive but also if I pass before these people i've offeneded maybe they would find healing? so today on my mind well all of those spefic people have been but I have no complete thought and thinking on aTin and her husdand yMart so maybe somethings to workon . my love is up and my attention is drawn so gotta run