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2021-07-27 23:50:50 (UTC)

More tech less brains.

Those of you who have Alexa of Amazon in your homes. Kiss your privacy bye byeee.

I have my neighbour. Who talks big about privacy and shit. Doesn't even keep fingerprint lock on his phone. Then I showed him a video how Alexa can monitor your whole life even when your not using it. That put his ass back in place. It's true. Forget the social media and apple privacy. That's nothing compared to what amazon is keeping tabs on you. If your Alexa is connected to the camera then for sure you have now become part of Skynet. Judgement day is near.

So if you got them lifestyle devices then don't be an ass and bitch about privacy. You just bent over and spread your legs and openly invited yourself to be fucked in the ass. Voluntarily.

So go ahead all you ignorant fools. Make their day .