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2021-07-27 11:09:19 (UTC)

Finally a great meal again

Today, my youngest son finally went to Lucy's in Rogers, Arkansas and brought home to his old man a great Hamburger steak, my favorite meal of all. Not to mention Lucy's is a great place to even take family or friends out to eat. I had to prove that I was also promised this meal, after all three days had passed before I reminded him. I seen him coming home with liquor for the drunks in this family household. I asked how much did he make from them for taking his lunch hour to go buy them alcohol. I don't charge them anything, oh cutting into my profits are you! Started to get a bit pissed, and he didn't remember his promise of many that are good jesters, but never really kept. Finally I said, hey when I loaned your old lady money, you stated that the steak is on her for being kind to loan her gambling money. Of course I had destroyed the message, and of course, he wanted proof he even said that. Lucky for I that I know how to dig though the trash to recover the words printed and this is main reason I make sure everything is kept always on the internet for proof as well as back ups and not always being called a liar. Finally found the damn chat, and sent it to him at 5PM of course he just got off work, but proof and whenever proof is shown then he will forego his sleep to take time to get that FREE meal as promised to me. Besides I was waiting for it for weeks and also forgot I had a tv dinner in the over, that was their this morning. I forgot about it, because I was busy looking for that chat. Once the meal arrived it was a dream come true. One that my kid will do as promised if I can prove it. He won't if I can't prove it. Reason records are always kept from now on in this area, maybe other area's until enough people get to this part of where I decided to keep my daily activists of daily updates of my life.
Appears I have more visits from cam watchers than I do senders of any type of mail. Television is always showing with new programs unless someone comes in to the room for whatever reason, then their photo is captured as well in the middle of whatever movie or news I am listening to. Every so often I will lay down and try to watch movie or show even news daily.
Many new calls already for credit cards and so on and wasting payments for whatever the parties are trying to scam me from. Found many iPhone codes that have been helpful. Just look the codes up on the internet, as they are still there until Version notices then they will change them or remove them. Able to find hundreds of more if look for them yourself. But, as soon as noticed many will show no such animal there.
As day continues, I probably be back. Still many things cooking and just wanting to get up the strength to start on them. You get tired after awhile, especially when east Indians that you can't understand try to communicate with you.