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2021-07-26 21:12:36 (UTC)

All good things must come to an end 😔

I'm just talking about my extended weekend. I took Monday off so I had an extended weekend. All is good. All is calm. You should feel how that feels. All bills are paid. house is "single man" clean. No one is yelling at me or anything. My friends are in a good place with me. In fact, I got a pass thrown my way and she wasn't from the gym. So... that's cool. One small thing though that I'm not too comfortable with and she apparently is ok with. I know where she works so she makes at least as much money as I do. I know this is being a butt head for thinking 10 steps ahed but so what? My choices in life.

It's just one small detail that I'm not too fond of. Now she is a blond and she has blue eyes so I shouldn't complain. I'm not having to want a blond. It's not like I have a choice but this woman just happens to be a blond too like my last date. Again, the only thing that is weird somewhat to me is that she's like.... 5'9" or 5'10". Again, I'm only 5'6" in the morning. hehe. I'd be the............spinner. hahah. so.. to keep my man card, I have to turn this one down. My perv is telling me this could end with possibly Feng Fhui positions that will be a once in a lifetime opportunity but I think I'll still have to pass on this one. Just not too open for it. Not wanting to have to jump to kiss my woman. hehe. Or maybe I do? Don't knock it till you tried it right? kidding. This isn't going to happen. Flirting is one thing but it'll take someone pretty awesome to knock my socks outta me. Mentally of course. And I mean mentally. I think miss 5'10" will have no problem bringing the pain and physically knocking my socks out of me if she wanted to. hehe.

That's all I got for now. I want to say it's late night but looking at the clock, it's not. It's only because I woke up early and got to take care of business. Good night for now diary. Thanks again for being there. There were times that his diary was the only glimmer of light when it was pretty dark and I was not in the best places. I will never take anything good that I stumble upon for granted. Never.

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