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2021-07-26 23:55:09 (UTC)

I know on this journey I'm ..

I know on this journey I'm going to have to face everything inside of my head. Again. All the grief and anxiety and guilt and lonliness. And the ugly emotions that I don't want people to know I feel, anger and bitterness. It's something I'll have to work on for my entire life, and learn to adapt to. Like my ADHD and autism and whateverthefuck. Because people sure as fuck aren't going to adapt to me. I'm learning and, hopefully, accepting that finally. Because why should they? They adapted to life, while I lived in denial. Ultimately that was the choice I made; WHY I made it over the other available options are irrelevant. They say to not feel regret, because you made the choice you felt was best at the time, but I made the easiest choice over and over again, knowing it was going to bite me eventually.