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2021-07-24 20:27:33 (UTC)

What makes you happy?

Well just got back from the lab work the Dr. send over to have taken on me, and when you see 3 or more red numbers is of concenr. Now I understand why I've been wanting to sleep so much, for a minute I thought I was just depressed haha good to know it's not all of my case, I have severe anemia, and It sucks because a few mnths ago my numbers where just fien, now I can justify my lack of energy and I have an pointment latter to see what treament fallows, I'm so tired of feeling tired and emotionaly drain. I need to take the next days slow, and keep my mind distracted in some self care. What sucks is that my husband has to see the results in order for him to take me serious, he is suportive but does not know how to listen. Any how on another note, am thinking of closing my social media accounts and focus only in myself and getting my house in order once I get my energy back. I will read more, plant some new plants and feel my soul with what makes me happy.