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2021-07-26 21:35:00 (UTC)

Evening visit from the darker side

I forgot to mention, the visit last night from spirit. Okay, it happens so often everyday that I don't write about all and each and everyone because frankly, they're usually fleeting moments in amongst my busy working, parenting, everything days.

But sometimes I am visited by shadier characters and when I am their energy captures my attention instantaneously. Often, I do not even give them the time of day. I do not inquire their reason for coming into my space and time, I simply banish them telepathically. Because all spirit communication with me is 99% telepathy. The images, the knowing, the hearing, seeing them. The only thing not telepathic, is the sensations, the emotions that always go hand in hand with their communication.

Those spirits, the ones that are often around me, popping in and out are all different people, mostly strangers to me. Only a few are known to me. But these spirits their energy is light and easily manageable, but the darker spirits are heavy, and the experiences I've had with them they have been very heavy energies, they drown the area in which I am and it's unavoidable to ignore.

Just their presence alone begins to draw on my energy and this is why the moment they are sensed, I work to remove them from my space. Often, in my experience it's not a quick fix, these spirits are stubborn, bullish and do not want to leave and there is always an under current of fear in me because they are persistent and push their energy into your space. It takes a fair bit of commentary (,telepathically) and ownership on my part to make them leave but they always do and it isn't just me doing do either, I ask other spirit and our source (God's name) to assist too.

So last night, again when I am at my most relaxed and still (in bed) which is the only times these entities have come before (When I am undistracted and sleepy but not asleep) on my bed, sofa etc. This spirit enters my space, I have the memory of the time back in my thirties when I was assaulted by it's familiar energy, it's entire force held me down and it's energy pushed heavily down over me. It's was harrowing and never been forgotten. I wonder sometimes if my sexual thirst that accelerated after that point was a consequence of a spiritual rape. I was masturbating four to five sometimes more a day after that, not because I fantasized over the act of what happened it just become an inherent need - people do and are spiritually raped and marked to only serve sexual thirsts in the name of Lucifer, relationships are not destined for success. It all this come about after I had been to Rhodes in Greece with my then husband and daughter and we visited a known stop gap of Jesus on his journey high up on a mountain top in a small shack that has a cross in it and some nuns that pilgrim up there gave me rosary beads and we also went to a monks church where Jesus was said to have passed through and to enter the church/monastey we had to wear the robes.

Anyway, last night. I was relaxing in bed and the entity came into my space. Immediate heaviness filled the room, I knew that darkness, this is the third time in my new home. It's familiar, the feeling and knowing I sense from the masculine energy. Definitely not feminine. And he always come close but his energy is so futile and strong He can be felt from when he first enters the space a few feet away. He moves closer and closer to me all the while I am am telling him, he isn't allowed, he isn't welcome, he must leave my space in the name of the holy spirit. This energy is very stubborn and resentful and even when other spirit I call upon to aid me come, they are backed away from his energy. Almost like they cannot infiltrate his, but they or a singular spirit stay and their presence gives me encouragement to keep persisting in making this darker energy leave.

Of course, I am doing nothing other than detering it away in the present time because as I said above it returns. It's only goal is to toy with me, place fear in me and infiltrate my energy to cause fear but I know it's energy now, and I am more experienced than I was years ago.

It left after it hung over me for five minutes or so, but my God, it's intense and alarming. I've come to realise certain things I do could possibly trigger the visit, mostly when I am tiptoeing into satanic knowledge and the deities of it's followers. For educational reasons only.

Back in my thirties I was practicing heavily in white, black and dark magic for explorational experimentation. Spirit led me into it when I was around 17-18 years old, it was a part of my learning in understanding the occult, spiritualism and ether worlds, astral projection was practiced a lot too at that time. This was my first meeting with this dark entity during this time and it certainly stamped a not so pleasant experience in my memory!

Nowadays, I only dabble in magic, with not much interest, mostly nature bound endeavours. Nothing sinister, it isn't worth the come back or dealing with their attachment to be which some spirit become accustomed to. Nowadays, I just communicate with spirit, do what they suggest and use my senses to help people feel more directional and whole again.

For example the evening job boss lady, she is struggling heavily with her emotions and under great stress not just in her work but her private life. Of course, she never devulfed this information and was perfectly professional when I met her but my body ached and I felt her inner emotions. She really needs to feel loved and supported, her soul is aching for it. I did my best to make her feel I am here to support her (pretended via the workload) but I think she understood the feelings I projected to her because she confirmed it in her bewildered smiles when she looked at me with a searching gaze. I believe she has pondered over this tonight in her thoughts ;)

You see how spirit work now? It was no coincidence I receive contact from this lady so swiftly and on a Sunday. They supported my need and as always lead me to her, because she needs a friend and to feel needed again on a spiritual loving level. She feels lost. The moment I see her I knew. So my double sided job begins :))

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