Ruby’s healing journey
2021-07-26 21:04:00 (UTC)

Much better but drama

I read this book called the afterward it’s good so far I only found one thing wrong with it

Me and my parents had a fight on the phone I was still doing phone calls with then so they can make sure I’m “okay”
I decided to just let it be and told her why I was angry with her after she wouldn’t stop fishing she said it’s in the past that she stoped and that it’s a silly reason to be angry but she was doing it repeatedly and I know how she works “in the past” and then suddenly something happens again “then in its in the past” I got angry with her a little and got some closure
She said she would only tell my dad to interact with me she gets frustrated because she said she was having a peaceful day I hanged up

I feel great because this is kinda what I wanted for her to stop calling me I’m going to play some board games with a new friend at 6pm on Friday she won’t bang at my door anymore I’m angry and lonely but not to much and so far I have a good book my social worker fixed my lap top

I’m crying a little but okay and I decided to share this to provide continuity to my new life which is getting better and better
There’s still the hole in the wall and the trip to the groccery store also how I’m going to see my friend but things are more stable I ordered some Taco Bell again from Uber eats I know I shouldn’t blow my money but I have one more check I still wish I did more today all I did was read a book I still need to clean up my apartment and do other stuff but I feel happier atleast