Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-07-26 20:08:23 (UTC)

Funny ole time

Somedays, time seems to go by so slowly, even when you're busy but the week fly's by and other days, the time fly's by and the week seems to go slow.

Norah Jones - Come away with me

Today, flew by, I see the clock at 7 am, then at 9.30 am while driving to meet the evening job boss lady and pulling over to tap in the digits on my work phone for a conference call. Talk about multi-tasking, lol....from that appointment with her, and cutting the conference call short with the day job, I nipped over to see my lashes lady for a retouch and re-wax and henna my eyebrows. Had a good natter with her for an hour and a half, great lady she is, very spiritual like me. She gives me such attention to detail and really takes her time to do my lashes, one by one, 150 of them! Lol....her patience is admirable.

From there I shot back home returning work calls that I received during my lashes appointment and also returned my dad's call. Ahh, was lovely to catch up with him and mum. You can never stop a builder from building, not even when they're old and grey, my dad just keeps building, carving, sawing, fitting guttering, skylights, oh I could go on and on....he never stops and neither does my mother. I know where I get that from! I've never considered getting in a decorator or handyman because my mother and father had me and my brother and sister getting involved with all their continuous DIY jobs....They used to have 12 stables on the land of the place we all grew up on when we moved out of southeast London. Every summer holiday from school, we would have a three week holiday somewhere abroad and then when we got back it was child slave labour time, LMAO....Creosoting and painting the stables, endless miles of fencings, sweeping yards, foraging vegetables from there endless veggies they grew, retrieving eggs from the 30 odd chickens they had that my dog "Patch" murdered their cockrel. Oops, "Patch" a farm-bred border collie also murdered their six geese while they were done the pub one Sunday afternoon. Claret and feathers everywhere. *shivers* My dog "Patch" used to round up the horses too. We had my horse an Arab cross, my sister's horse, an ex-race horse thoroughbred and my mum's two devil shetland ponies. Little fuckers, they're like angry midgets on speed. but the goats were the worst, the billy kid used to charge at us and head butt us. Dickhead.


Anyway, dad and mum are good. Healthy and happy. :)) I joked with dad and said I had bad news and his voice lowered and the worry in his voice - ahh, I'm such a bitch lol! - I told him I lost my job because they said "You're shit" and he said, "Oh my god, nooo, darling!" I said, "Only joking!" and laughed, "They love me really, moreover they love the money I earn them!" he said, "You evil fucker, don't ever do that to me again, you hear me!" hehe, So I went on to tell him about my crazy evening job that I applied for and two hours later was offered it, LOL...okay, okay, its isn't a job to become a rocket scientist (I wish!) it's a shitty little few hours an evening delivery crap, I don't even see it as "Work" it's just an extra earner and easy peasy. He said to me, "Can you buy one of those buzzer things to protect yourself, please?" I said, "Dad, I have a swift kick to the never regions, you know. I'll be fine. I'm not hauling drugs for god's sake." he laughed.

So by the time I see the clock again, it was 2 pm then work exploded with a load of clients calling for this, that and the other. Sorted, done, happy customers :) and then it was 4.30 pm! Phwoar, awesome end of the day. I don't start my evening job until Wednesday night, should be interesting lol. Work hasn't got any issues with me using the company car for it either, LOL, rolling in an Audi to deliver, they just said don't expense the fuel costs you use in the evenings, which is fine because this company does anyway, haha. Win, win!

I watched the most awesome war between little ants and flying ants when I was washing my kitchen bin out in the garden. Omg, I hate flying ants, so irritating buzzy little shits, the little ants smashed them flying fuckas to smithereens. Yeeeeah! It was quite entertaining, I like ants a lot, they're so awesome, I like their teamwork and bravery.

Trying to read the first volume of "House of Darkness, House of Light" by Andrea Perron. I bought all three volumes. But I wanted to spend some time with Johnny, as we didn't get to chat much today with our work stuff going on. Although, we had a good chat and arranged a bit more of our date under the stars in a couple of weeks.

:)) He is lovely xx

Missing my hiking badly already.....I am going to have to organise my day job a little to allow an hour or so for hikes. It's a must-do, I need my nature, it's my shrine.

Anyway's, toodle-pips