Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-07-26 12:59:17 (UTC)


I thinks dream are really intresting today I dreamt I worked as a manger of my own shop but I didn’t know how to use the cash register

My friend dreams she answers texts I also dreamt that my friend contacted me using her phone number instead of fb
The social worker that’s works me let’s call her t told me she dreams of stuff she forgot to get done
My dreams have a fammillsr dream world sometimes I have Ptsd dreams there not fun my dream are often stressful

Anyway just woke up it’s 919 am
I think my acne is getting better it’s to early to tell(been trying to double cleanse or atleast cleanse)

If t comes to day and discovers the wall
Idk what she’s going to say I’m probably going to have to explain myself I think it was probably going to happen anyway the command strips i got were different it was like comnand tape though maybe if I was more gentle or maybe the hair dryer someone recommend later on would of worked. I looked online and it seems like it’s familiar trouble though mine are a bit biggger
Anyway probably going to make another diary later I hope others like my small adventures

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