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2021-07-26 04:53:56 (UTC)

8 min of zen time 😌

Woke up early on a Monday! Call Guinness !!😱 Since I'm up early, gonna try to attend my first ever 6AM class. I'm sure I'll be laughing at myself during our warm up stretches because I already know my body won't want to agree. The cool thing is I no longer bump into the hallways at 7AM getting coffee. I do it at 4:30AM now. Haha. Kidding. Actually, haven't been doing that anymore since i started this silly challenge.

Got all my chores done yesterday so I'm all caught up now. Got to spiffy up my truck again so it's showroom shiny again. No major plans for this week. I do have the day off. Taking a comp day off since I put in all those overtime hrs awhile back. Not much to write about this morning. Sorry. Just mostly zoning out enjoying my coffee. Gotta go for now. Hopefully I meet some new friends at this crazy 6AM crossfit session. I mean if there is a choice of times, who does this??!! haha

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