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2021-07-25 20:42:38 (UTC)

Space Cadet Sings the Song of Anagura

Dr. Wood LIV

I achieved my goal of a memorable weekend! I decided to give my baking skills a shot… and I actually did a version of the love nectar cookies from Shimoneta! There was a recipe on the Funimation site for it, and I added peach juice for the love nectar portion. Just figured peach juice would be most fitting, if you catch my drift. Anyway, the cookies turned out very mediocre – they taste more like flour than anything, and the consistency is off. I’m pretty certain it’s my error, not the recipe’s (the peach juice may have thrown things off, plus I cut back on the sugar content). So now I have a container of about 40 “meh” cookies, but I’m gonna eat every last one. When I realized they didn’t turn out all that great, I wasn’t frustrated at all. I was just happy I could do something kinda fun to change things up a bit. I also learned how to mend a hole in fabric today. I found a simple Youtube video for sewing, then applied it to this one hole in my blanket that’d been bothering me for years. I think back when there was a mouse in my apartment, it may have chewed on through it. But now it’s all stitched up. Granted, it doesn’t look all that great, but at least it’s closed off. Additionally, I made Cincinnati chili today, however I had used this American-style Kobe ground beef that I found at the store on special, again just to mix things up a little. I can’t tell if it actually tasted better or if it was just a placebo thing, but I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow starts our first week of mandatory overtime for the year. It’s only five hours, so I’ll manage. I was thinking about how I should schedule my time – I was thinking, if I just wake up a half hour earlier, take a bit of time off my one-hour lunch break and slap on 15 extra minutes of work after my normal hours, I should be able to accommodate without compromising too much of what I wanna do. This is why 5 hours is such a stark difference from 10; once I get to 10, it starts to require a bit more sacrifice. And then 15 is… well, that one’s a kicker. But I’ll just take each day at a time – despite it being overtime season, I still need to live each day to the fullest. I’m really happy I was able to do that this weekend. Oh – I also got back to playing Gex 64 and DDLC . I beat the final boss (Rez) in the former, and finished another side story in the latter. Also watching some new anime shows! For my seasonals, I’ve got Vanitas no Carte (neat, mysterious show), Kanojo mo Kanojo (great “trash” show, always love shows like these), The Detective Is Already Dead (fun show), Higurashi Sotsu (loving this so far, really fills in the gaps left by Gou), Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S (one of the greatest gifts to anime fans of all time), Sonny Boy (very bizarre but intriguing show with beautiful art and animation), and My Hero Academia season 5 (which started airing last season – also really liking this one). I also started another seasonal today (to put me at eight): Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory. Dude I am digging this one so much XD It’s VERY ecchi, but it’s great. Gives me To Love Ru vibes, since the MC is a lot like Yuuki Rito (kind yet very clumsy). The characters are really likable too. And as for non-seasonals, I started watching Speed Grapher today, which is really cool so far. Very theme-heavy so far, though I’ll have to reserve further thoughts for when I finish it.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna go public with my diary entries. So, if this is somehow being read outside of the site that I’m going to speak of, here’s a disclaimer: I recently came across, where users can keep a diary and share it if they’d like. I’d been contemplating making my diary public – which I know seems pretty counterintuitive based on my reservedness and hesitation to reveal my truest being to anyone other than myself. But there’s something about sharing a diary that can be… I don’t know, I’m not sure of the word for what I’m trying to convey right now. I guess if there are words that I can write that can positively affect a reading – for whatever reason – then maybe it’s a good idea to share them. And if this ends up yielding unfavorable results and my fears are founded (e.g. I get called out for the kind of person that I am), then I’ll rescind the publicity of my diary and go about my life normally again. But, I often recall the day when I was in Odaiba, Japan in 2015, visiting Anagura at the Miraikan (the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), where I learned the importance of information sharing. The entire trip was a whirl of emotions and excitement, so maybe my receptiveness to my experiences was doubled because of that alone, but that period of time standing in Anagura left a huge impact on me for some reason. And while immersed in the air of innovation – where I could converse with an android and watch ASIMO sing and dance – I just all of a sudden felt like that was something I needed to live by. I know there were many times in my life where sharing information (read as “communication”) could have made things better, like in my past relationships… but I think as I’m writing this now, I’m starting to realize how much I need to make it a tenet of my life. So now here I am, writing for the first time to an actual potential audience. Maybe this is why I loved Kimi ni Todoke so much – these are now my words, reaching “from me to you”. I hope that they will be well-received.

I will go to bed in about three hours. Until then, I think I’ll maybe play a bit more Maitetsu or watch some more anime. This is the lull in my weekend, though I’m mentally okay with what’s to come this week. I did happen to notice that my Internet stayed online the entire day so far. BTW I’m not a superstitious person but I really hope I didn’t jinx things by saying that XD I recall seeing an RCN truck outside of the complex (which I think is nonstandard for Sundays?), and ever since then my connectivity issues have been nonexistent. I watched like six episodes of anime today and researched a bunch for my APFY posts, and the Internet has been nice and fast, with no signs of faltering or dropping. I can only hope this will keep up for the days preceding my next (and hopefully last) appointment. Perhaps by withholding my celebratory excitement, I can instead appreciate every hour that goes by where I stay connected to the Internet. I suppose that’s not a bad thing.