Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-07-25 23:43:15 (UTC)

Into they get the message

I’m sadder without my parents but I’m less anxious I think the sadness come because I’m lonely and also because it’s like coming of a drug called abuive parents

Today thought they came over your like probably what are you not letting them over

I’m trying my best not to let them into my apartment but in case something happenes in these few days where I’m getting used to stuff I don’t want to make them angry
I also don’t want to make them angry because it means them knocking on my windows or pretending that I went insane so I’m trying to be gentle
So I’m not allowing them in my place but if they’ve want to drop off some sushi like today I will allow them to but not let it in it’s for the best Without going too much into it
My mom was touching me tinappropriately without my permission

And as a kid she was physically abusive as for my dad he is ok most stuff I am not sure he has done or I dreamt it but he just doesn’t care about me not when it comes to how my mom was treating me he always has her back

Part of me wishes I could get money donated to change my name to something that isn’t my parents names combined toghther but with the social workers that work with me I have to do it later

I still haven’t read the afterward today I think I’ll read it tommorow I have to step up if I’m going to read 30 times this summer but I like going to bed at 8pm today’s been a low energy day and idlk if I’m handing my parents situation the right way any advice is loved if it comes from the heart

They get me so confused in a diffrent kinda way my dad buys me stuff like high money items but my mom can bother to not lay her hands in me in someway my therapist keeps telling me to have them talk to someone but I don’t trust it I feel like there still gonna do it and the people who moderate are going to side with them I feel she says this because she doesn’t want me to stop therapy without my parents I might not need therapy or atleast not her cheap kind from the state with limited things to tell me

Also how do you sell stuff on Depop if you do I’m having trouble getting a sale I only sold one item and have 81 followers

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