Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-07-25 20:56:04 (UTC)


Ripping off the posters made a hole on the bright side it looks more fairycore besides the whole and maybe the social worker that works with me for now knows how to plaster the hole it’s gonna be a long time before I can afford to move apartments so I’ll worry about it then.

I was late for work it wasn’t the bus that
made me late or waking up it was my
human error I thought it said to come in a 4pm but really it was 1pm
It’s okay my manager just made me stay to 7pm I could work night hours but I didn’t want to idk if it was because I ate a lot of snacks or just stress from getting rid of the stress from my family but I felt dizzy and had a headache was I too hot?

I constanly think how dehumanizing life is including working and that was one of those times I had to stop if I had the option and I did even though I only work part time

Now I feel ok almost healed up still feel like cleaning is more then a hassle with the amount of anxiety I have sitting on my couch using the throw as a blanket I practiced Spanish again

I think workers should get more breaks then 15 minutes I know if you work longer you get a longer break but I still say we should have longer breaks

I was supposed to go to the groccery store today but it’s raining and I’m tired and anxious and I bought Taco Bell though I was supposed to be saving money I ordered it on uber eats
It’s going to be 91 tommorow idk how I’m going to go walk to the store might have to go on the bus instead to Trader Joe’s

I guess this is a depression day though I managed to get some things done I fixed the the shower curtain and practiced Spanish I also tried decorating my phone to look asthethic ( I decided to do this later but I figured out how to do it) I am probably going to read my book and idk if I’m going to practice ukulele it’s kinda challenging for me I think idk if I’m ever going to not mute the chords I don’t practice much though I cant work myself up to do it I’m reading the afterward it supposed to lgbt. I’m lgbtplus and a lot of things I’m queer and asexual

Anyway welcome to my depression day
By the time I put on clothes it was 2pm then I kept scrolling on fb

I just want so bad to go to Michaels I want to make my own flower crown(fairycore) get some yarn to try crocheting though I’m scared of failure I think I can atleast make my own flower crown oh also jewerly beads for my braclets I make

Idk when your alit of things the trouble is knowing how connected you are to other people and if your right if there is not something else out for your you don’t know about but your to busy doing something else

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