Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-07-25 16:41:33 (UTC)

It's all good :))

The Black Crowes - She talks to angels

Another one of my favourite bands :))

A lazy Sunday, my favourite day of the week goes hand in hand with not doing much. Chill time, rest the mind, body etcetera :)) Well, I was going to go for a long hike today, but I got sidetracked by old films and my kitten needing playtime attention. My daughter had a looooong lay-in until near midday, lol, so the non-existent boot fair that wasn't on, we didn't go to :D She did find one yesterday but it was milessssss away.

Just as I was debating on putting out my washing on the line the heavens opened up and so that sealed the popcorn and yet another film on the sofa. But as I chilled, while texting Johnny and Phil, an idea came to me for more financial income. Now I have my day job, which is full time and demanding, but I have done it for so long now that it's like ding my job with my eye's closed and while I earn well from it, and it pays my bills, mortgage and savings. I could do more to fulfil the growing needs of my daughter (who I now support 100% financially) and also to complete the long-burning process of designing my garden and putting more character into decorating our house. I love doing DIY on my house, and I like designing but my taste is not cheap, I like quality materials that will last and I think things through well before making a decision and then go all in full-on and do the job myself. It's satisfying to me and I like challenging myself, so just like when I built my shed I realised it's only a matter of mind of matter to get things done. Male or female, it doesn't matter, anyone can put a shed together, wallpaper, paint, hang curtain rails and paintings etc, just got to know what you're doing and that's not hard to learn.

Talking of paintings, I have my eye on some art that I like, I'd like some quality paintings, that inspire me, my daughter and others when they see them.

So anyway, I thought, "Okay, you don't want an extra job too heavy, you need to still be energised for the day job, and you don't need much extra. So I applied for an evening delivery job for a few hours five nights a week. It's an extra £1500 a month, that will do. My daughter's things she needs sorted. DIY/garden materials sorted. And when I receive my bonus quarterly, we've more to contribute towards it. So I apply for this evening job and two hours later while I was cooking dinner I get a phone call from them, which surprised me being late afternoon on a Sunday. But hey ho, we had a chat, she offered me the job and I said I will pop by tomorrow morning to say, "Hi' and fill in the necessary details she needs. She said I can start whenever I am ready, so I said, tomorrow evening will be great. And so it is done, evening job sorted, LOL....Happened so fast! And it's an easy peasy little evening job too, and well, my love life is non-existent so may as well make more money and carry on with my house goals.

All in all, a good Sunday, lol

Tomorrow, although I am working the day job I am not micromanaged, I manage others and so I am here, there and everywhere and everyone mostly gets me by phone. So after seeing this lady for the evening job tomorrow morning, Im off to see my lashes lady for retouch and then back to the day job before starting the evening job at 6 pm :))