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2021-07-25 21:59:28 (UTC)

So now this?

So the Freedom phone as it's called seems like a scam. The social media is all raging about it. The tech people have made videos on how it's just a cheap china knock off. The influencers who endorse it are getting paid for it. If it's not that obvious to you then your a simple minded gullable fool.

So why isn't this scam dealt with. Arrest the bitcoin douchebag behind it. How can you sit there and be so calm about this proud american openly ripping you off and you all don't do shit.

You idiots will riots for skin color and for gay rights. Right wing and left wing fuckers will forever be at war and will destroy and rip your country apart from the inside and you won't do shit... here is proof of a scam and also you don't do shit. I don't understand humans sometimes. I'ts like you want to be made fools of so that you can boast on social media what all happened and how you were victimized.

Being from a third world country the only thing i envy about the west is the food and the non polluted air. Your politics is as fucked up as any other country. Your white idiots come in all shapes and sizes so no brainer there.

if i ever write a book, it will be like a full on 200 page rant of everything i see different in the world. With everyone getting offended about everything it probably be banned in many it won't be any different on what i write here. probably a collection of all my entries.

So my mom said to ask my dad for this ladys number who is a friend of theirs who needs my help with something and i need to call her up. Like what the fuck do i look like superman or santa? let her come to me. This is what i mean by ALWAYS helping people out. big mistake. don't do it. Once they know you can help they will be like leeches attached to your ass. My falut too in being the nice guy always and saying yes. dammmmm. Now i just say no. Or i let them do all the work and i just assist.

PLaying pubg with indians in a team is like a tragedy. Firstly these morons land in the most populated places. And they suck. So they get killed very quickly. And if i'm in the team and i follow them then fuck me sideways i end up dead too. Secondly they get shot and i go to help them and bammm ambush and im dead too. I go to help since it's a team match. So i need them as bait. Or else it's me against 4 others. Most of the time i play solo. Sometimes i go team. But holy devils piss these people are stupid. Very rare do i get people who play like a SWAT team. They cover my 6. They take turns in taking point. very rare. And i play with no mic . Cause i hate their language and they sound even worse in the game.


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