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2021-07-25 19:57:07 (UTC)

What in the effin eff..

Is it just me or all I read here are just relationship issues and all about sex and stuff. Man having girl trouble and then girl complaining about something else.


I guess that's the real shit around here. We can't communicate for shitballs. Everything online. No having to face people. No talking skills. Only fingers typing shit out at the speed of sound.

Meeehhh what do I know. I'm single. No girl trouble. When I had a group they used to come to me for advice. The single dude. Then they all got married and left. There I was didn't budge. Still stuck as the good guy who helps. Now that group is gone that's good in a way.

It's his birthday today. Dani filth. The dude behing the voice. I'm more excited for the birthday of the person in band I'm a fan of rather than my own or family's birthday.

Sunday evening will come to an end.
New week. More shitheads.


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