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2021-07-25 05:49:00 (UTC)

Early bird on a Sunday😱

I'm up early on a Sunday?! Who am I and what did I do to the real me? Haha. Got up way too early on this Sunday. Gym is closed today. I got my 20 workouts in two weeks though. I was up at around 4:30AM. Unbelievable!! You know what? There is some truth to being able to take care of things if you get up early. I think I read something somewhere about successful people getting up at 5AM? Dunno, something like that. So for the time being, Hell has frozen over. I am now a morning person. At least for the rest of the 6 week challenge which is for 4 more weeks. BTW, I'm down to 165 lbs. That's 9 lbs in two weeks. Now the tougher weight loss starts. I should taper off to maybe 2 lbs a week. It's always the last 5-10 lbs that are the toughest. But we'll see. I'm actually having fun doing this. It's not the same old same old routine. Even shopping at Costco yesterday, there were a lot of things on sale but because it doesn't fit my current diet, I didn't get them although the impulse to get them was still in me. You those Cape Cod potato chips. These are the stiffer chips that can dig deep into the chip dip without breaking. haha. still no vino and still no Jelly Bellys.

Well, I got my coffee and just chillin. No big plans so I'm sure that means I'll just do some impulse shopping. Maybe go to Denios flea market again. They sell work gloves that are perfect for gym workout gloves but a lot cheaper by a 1 to 4 ratio. I can't help but get the fresh roasted peanuts in the shell they sell there. They have these big tumblers that they cook them in and it smells and tastes pretty good considering it's just peanuts. Usually, I stick to almonds for it's healthier properties but I also love macadamia nuts.