deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2021-07-25 08:09:26 (UTC)

Such Bliss with her

My slut / whore / cunt means the world to Me. I wake up everyday with her in My thoughts and literally 5 days of the week (sometimes more) she appears to Me. She serves Me. She gives unconditional adoration to Me.

This past week we had difficult mismatching schedule again, but as always, we made it work. We had our deeply intimate time with hands clasped as we dove ( on her eloquent words) to our dark corners. We also had wonderful time to just hold hands and talk about our work projects, world events, and even had Me learn some more recipes from her fine kitchen. I cherish her beyond words and every single act of submission merely spurs Me to try and be a better Master. There is but one, and she is the one. I share this in this diary for her to know it and for the world to know it. She is MINE, and I am hers.

Bring on the new week of love and adventures with My s/w/c

Thank You for the very kind and eloquent words, Master. It makes me tingle whenever You use those names for me. We have indeed found and created an unmatchable bond between us that few others would understand. But we do, and we savor it every day, whether physically together or together in thought.

Thank You for having me.

Forever Yours,


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