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2021-07-25 12:27:30 (UTC)

Fingerhut Insurance scam

July 25, 2021

Fingerhut is running an insurance scam! I use to order from Fingerhut from time to time, never owed them a penny after receiving whatever I ordered from them. Well, guess what I owe them $96.00 for life insurance that is taken out of Washington. They now sell life insurance for this insurance com, and not telling any of it's customers that Fingerhut will be billing you for this life insurance. Upon checking Finger hut does not have an insurance license to sell insurance in this matter. What Finger hut is doing is shaming people into buying and paying for insurance that is not even given under the Fingerhut trade name, but under another insurance agency. Don't like this way of Finger hut is scamming people, as well as always kept my Fingerhut account paid up in full for over fifty years even. I called Fingerhut and told them that I do not want this insurance as it is not any good from what other insurance agents told me. That Fingerhut doesn't even have a license to sell insurance in fifty of the states even. Once I said cancel this fraud account, and I am not paying a penny for this account. They turn it over to the credit bureau, showing I owe $96.00. For nothing I bought but for a piece of Fingerhut paper saying you owe $32.00 A MONTH FOR THE THREE MONTHS WE HAD YOU COVERED. YOUR NOT TOLD THIS UNTIL YOUR BILLED, AND i CALLED AND SENT LETTERS OF PROTEST FROM FIRST DAY OF THIS SCAM. They will do nothing at all, not even acknowledge your call or even your letters, of cancel.
There going to try and ruin as many peoples credit scores as possible, for nothing more than getting to bill everyone for anything no matter what. Finger hut is having a very hard time selling there over priced merchandize so now going into the scam business. Try calling them on this or sending letters even and see for yourself. I have so many letters as well as phone calls that I finally did get tired of these scammers, Did sent information to the better business bureau, as well as the attorney general in Arkansas as to this scam. Of course, how many years before we hear it on the news locally, let alone national? Beware Fingerhut Customers. Seems only way I can get anything done is to place it on the world wide web. Now, let's see how fast I get satisfaction.