Letting it out
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2021-07-25 05:20:24 (UTC)

Sibling rivalry

I am a very insecure person however I do not care much. I've been happy I've been going to the gym I've been working out regularly I have meetups with my mentor who's lit asf, we were meant to go gym together one time but for some reason, we ended up at McDonald, LOOOL but it was fun, My friends are lit, my sister is so fucking annoying and nosy for no reason, just because mum wasn't as strict on me growing up as she was on her doesn't mean she can be a dickhead. She's jealous of the way I get treated but maybe there's a reason for that? She never answers her phone when she's out, especially if it's late outside. usually we're not allowed to be outside when it's late but if we were we need to call mum and let her know. She never does that, obviously she's gonna get shouted at, you're big 21 and don't know how to get on mum's good side and blame me for it? I and my sister both do dodgy shit with our friends, but I'm smart about it and I'm 16, why is she always getting in trouble and she always mentions my name? idc anyway when she does, I just tell her she's a joke man and she starts acting like a bitch and my mum takes my side because she actually starts acting like some 4-year-old throwing a tantrum. My family are honestly so unreliable with anything, except for my mum she always comes in clutch, apart from that one time she shrunk my training shoes the day before I had training.
Speaking of training I need to sleep so I can wake up in 6 hours to meet up with my trainer, time for me to get off.

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