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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-07-24 21:34:33 (UTC)


So just as Spirit showed me, and I wrote about it here. Boris would lay down more covid rules after giving us some freedom. And that is what Spirit showed me would be a catalyst of England fighting against the medical tyranny and mass narcissism of the government's tactics to groom us into submission again - give them what they're missing then rip it away - well, not today Boris. Because today, London and many parts of the UK held freedom protests and it wasn't only "the people". There were celebrities too, including David Icke and a newly grouped set of lawyers that have been working on prosecuting Boris and his merry men for pandemic fraud. I am aware that Boris and some of his merry men have had an application put to the court by these lawyers already. It is being kept very secretive and under the radar.

Not only England but many other countries also held freedom protests today also in a collective world freedom of free will. Also, there was a live global crisis conference announcement. I was active in the live stream conversations as a member of the "creative society" project. This community is made up of us, the people and professors, scientists, doctors, philosophers, a former president who was taken out of office due to his need to change the way people are governed and many other people from all walks of life and professions. It went live in 72 languages across the world on many different platforms.

Next comes the chaos, I understand it feels like we have already been through so much chaos, but the rebellion has begun, worldwide, and the shift in power is changing. Not only are the 1% in civil unrest between them - the people are in civil unrest against our governments. I don't know the details but I was shown in like a super-fast flash of things to come in their order, just as a news notification flashed across my phone. I know it all sounds like a debbie downer, but it really is a debbie downer, it's not going away, this is going ahead, and it will change things for us for the better, but the governments will not let go easily.

Another fact - We've had pandemic's every 100 years. Which were not derived by nature's pool.

1720 - The Plague
1820 - The Cholera Outbreak
1920 - The Spanish Flu
2020 - Coronavirus

On another note: LOL, a day in the life of the third eye spy (me) has been swimming today with my daughter and then after grabbing a little shopping from half-empty supermarket shelves :/ I went for a hike and fortunately, the thunderstorm hasn't hit us yet, so it was pleasant, I've collaborated some awesome hiking routes now across, footpaths, fields and lanes. I put Phil on video again, during my walk, not on me, but so he can see parts of our wonderful countryside, he does the same for me when he is out trucking, but currently, he is taking three days off as usually he works every day with no days off - he just worked a full month everyday trucking across America. So he was glad to be stationed for a change.

The dating site I haven't really bothered with, only been in it twice lol, had a farmer from the Cotswolds messaging me. he fancies a bit of the third eye spy, lol. I don't fancy him much though. Then there were four other guys who "favourite" me but they live miles away! One was even in Dublin! Wtf?

Yesterday night after me and my daughter went to a cinema we haven't been to before, it had a KFC in the complex. Omg, we had ice cream in the cinema and then KFC afterwards. We haven't had KFC since like 2019! Lol.....I don't often do fast foods, and oh my days, I felt so shitty after eating that lot, bloated, sickly feeling, and even by this morning I still felt pulled down. So the swimming and hiking helped get me back on track, I literally eat concocted salads every day, I am addicted to them. You can make so many cool ones, I literally only eat, veggies, fish and chicken and it's all homemade and fresh stuff. So the moment I eat, processed or high sugary things I get a sickly feeling.

Anyways, next week we're going back to the cinema to watch the new suicide squad because it looks really cool. We both liked the first one, but I won't be having ice cream or KFC again, lol, my daughter can if she wants to, but me, no thanks.

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