Ruby’s healing journey
2021-07-24 13:46:30 (UTC)

3rd day without parents “adventure journal”

It’s 947 here I got to work at 4pm someone told me to leave 2 hours and 30 minutes before to go to work for the bus so I should leave at 12 and I should be fine I don’t want to be too early. Because what I can do I guess I could go to beauty shop next to the mall I work at and see if they have glitter for my fairycore look. You need the real stuff lol the cosmetic glitter but I’m not supposed to spend any money so I would just be looking for later. I’m looking for white fine glitter to put on my makeup I also have to see what time I work next week hopefully I’m free on Sunday I need to clean up when I get home I’m thinking of going to the groccery store next to the mall if it’s open I’m scared I’m going to be late or miss it or not have money on card