Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-07-23 21:06:55 (UTC)

Day with out abusivie parents 2 figuring out how to do stuff myself part 2

I went to the post office and got the tracking info for my Depop order I have to figure out how not to be on Depop so much to sell something I’m on it most of the time I calculated how much it was I actually didn’t lose money on the order I just didn’t get much I got about 3 dollars off coloring anatomy book I sold

I’m now a professional Depop seller :p
I guess

It was really hot outside I decided to not buy microwave food and go to the store so I made sphagetti with soy sauce
Because the tomato sauce was fungi heaven.

I have to clean up the apartment.
I can’t find the clamps for my tool box

Basically I’m doing okay I sometimes don’t know what I’m doing but I’m doing okay almost recharged but have to go to work tommorow on the bus I’m worried about getting up early egnough trying to go to bed at 8pm

My moon stone necklace and my flower crown broke

Btw I’m so into fairy core asthethic like it’s everywhere in my apartment well I’m trying to get it everywhere

Well that’s it for a journal entry
Going to read my book clean up wash clothes then go to bed hopefully I can manage to do all this by 8pm and work myself to the energy

Btw I also need to stop drinking so much junk it’s affecting me I should only be drinking water besides a small treat every once In a whilr

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