no name
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2021-07-23 16:03:40 (UTC)


I went on Omegle yesterday and today.
I've decided to never visit that site again. Not that I had any real traumatic experiences or anything. I just think I'm done. It served it's purpose and I managed to serve mine.
I used the chat option and I met some cool, nice people. Made friends with some. ugh there's a fly in my room...
Not proud of the fact that I downloaded social media apps for some people I met but you know, whatever.
A lot of the cool people I met called me nice and that made me happy. The last person I met on there was sad. And they said I helped them by just being there, they said I was doing great. They were so nice bro. They said my music was good.

The music I'm listening to reminds me of this period of time between my transition from summer break to school last year. I don't remember exactly what I was doing at the time, but I was always on quora reading answers to questions I came up with and others asked. I distinctly recall listening to 'Choke by I don't know how but they found me' on repeat while sitting at the kitchen counter with my computer.

My mood at the moment is I don't know. I just am. I'm thinking back on how I used to feel but I can't remember. And I think that maybe I'm feeling nothing.