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2021-07-23 19:29:47 (UTC)

Dream of Key/Triggering Leftists/Maybe I'll Catch Up On News?/Who I Really Want To Dream About!

I had a dream this morning that I was dating Keegan Michael Key. He is very funny, but I don't have a huge crush on him. Not a bad dream, anyways.
I still think people should have freedom to choose if they want to get the vaccine or not. Leftists get so triggered by this. Then I tell them I got the stupid vaccine. They have no comeback for that.
I resubscribed to Terrence K. Williams. He's cool. He's just reacting to crazy leftists much like Tyler Zed (Zeducation) does, but in shorter videos.

Hunter Avallone had a really cool video the other day where he showed his best roasts during debates. Those were the whiniest, most SJW right wingers I've ever seen/heard. I knew they existed, but I really hadn't seen or heard them until now.

Unfortunately, though, I can't watch Hunter Avallone anymore. He crossed a line. I can disagree with him on almost everything and that's fine, but he went too far. It's interesting to see someone else's perspective, especially when it's so different from your own. However, this was too much for me... he defended puberty blockers for trans kids. Nope. Children do not know who they are yet. Let them decide if they want to switch genders when they are adults, please.

Maybe I will catch up on some news tomorrow. The Daily Wire often has fun, lighthearted videos on Saturdays, so if I end up watching that tomorrow, so be it. I can still watch them, but I don't want the depressing headlines in my feed. So, I'll check them out when I check them out. I don't need to watch a bunch of depressing news every day after work.

One thing I ask of God now: Can I dream that I'm dating Loki? 🌒💖😍

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