By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
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2021-07-24 00:10:00 (UTC)


The new rant by Gary is epic. Hahah. Got me laughing to bits cause it reminded me thats how I write here.

The new song by orbit culture is good.
Currently listening to Nensha by them as I write this. In bed. Lights out. Bed time. Almost midnite. Got my metal music playlist loaded.

I didn't answer my aunt's call or respond to anyone's msgs. I am in a dnd mode. Both phone and mentally. I'm tired of helping them. I want some time alone. Of course exceptions are there.

So today I learnt the hard way how primal we really are. Instead of asking God the question and having never an answer if we turn to biology and science we get all the answers.
So a lady came in today. Her scent drove me wild. Like effin pheromones from hell I was a moth to a flame. To top it off she was curvy. Another sure sign to light that fire in me. I'm biased towards that body type. I'm more attracted to them. But I had to control and act normal. In my mind we were exchanging body fluids with wild and passionate sex. Like the porno directors can learn from me.

It works in animals as well. It works with humans. When females are in heat the males can smell them far. We humans use this sense of smell to further make that attachment even more strong.

In a party with the air-conditioned on high and with all the make up the ladies keep on its hard to catch their scent. Let the ladies sweat. Mixed with their perfume it will drive the guys crazy.

We animals after all.


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