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2021-07-23 08:59:25 (UTC)

Here we go again! Roaches

July 23, 2021

Roach haven or to hell with it! From Old Man's room Again

This makes second attempt to write, as was answering on Facebook itself under she devils message to me/. But, after such a long drawn out typing then close to completing, I was dumped! Meaning could have been a dump on my end or Facebooks end. Lost complete message in short. Doesn't matter as have many places to type out message if the sysops like doing things like that. But, just won't get as much in when re typing is all, then maybe more in than I did. Who knows and really who cares.? Now, for she devils message after spraying by Flex bug service, Oh worry not as Flex see's everything I also pen on anyone and everyone no matter who's business. Only real complaints more from thugs than anyone else for that matter. Thugs everyone understands why they get so dumb at the things they try to pull. But, just another story always waiting to happen as happens daily now not with Bentonville, but Washington of all countries. Yup, even thugs in that jail, or department, keeping within Arkansas rating of third in all fifty states, as being the most corruption departments with badges. Use to be number one when I came here fifteen years ago, but guess Louisiana, and Mississippi, has taken over as leaders. Matter of time before Arkansas gets first place, as there always doing some type of stealing or power tripping over the citizens.
Reason I could never write a book, as can stay on one subject as dealing with so much on a daily bases , that have to include all the dealings at the same time. After all at my age, you need to get it down, before you forget.
Now, first here is the she devils letter from Mrs. Kemp. After all I say worst things than she devil, and as I see it, she makes a great side kick for that horned man, if it is a man even. With todays of no longer saying he or she, but many different aspects when I thought there were only two when I was going up. Darn, means my parents lies to me after all. No such thing as a woman marries a man or a man marries a woman. Nope, now either can marry if same sex. Hell your able to marry even a A! robot as last seen in Japan. Look it up! But, even animals sex partners even. Oh well, as I get older, I am learning more today than I was ever taught. I use to call that sick, but dare not say such a thing then your being unfair and treating others bad, can get you into legal problems to say such things as take that kissing to a motel room. Feeding a baby in public, showing off those breasts were something, now no longer even frowned upon. Hell even killing new born is a regular daily habit, if it is not the right sex, you want. People that kill there own life, I wonder if they would have felt the same if their parents killed them all because it is legal now. Maybe they did, and you lucked out to get someone no matter what, your their son or daughter. I am so angry at this time, that I don't think I can reply at this moment over Mrs. Kemp's letter of such bullshit. I have seen roaches' myself three as of this morning. I put them out of their living as soon as I seen them. I was told a few days I would see activity for a few days. First I seen in my room in months. Guess they were here after all? Now, mad that they were awaken more than anything. Oh well, not going to reply for a few minutes or hours to cool down. But, all I am going to say, seven years and trash in sheds, pool room, behind the house and so on. Seven years of blame last people here did it. That is why there not here, and still same old crap, blame and leave it. Rent money at time over $600.00 to $700.00 was for taking care of property, not for paying you! Your pay was free rent for a family of four at the time, then six after a period of time, then something went wrong with the thugs saying one had to move and no contact whatever. Now, back to two, as other in a rehap. But, take my money from renters for things I decide to do like roof, electric power box replace and sockets is wrong? Hmm, ok now hungry because of what? Oh wait, that snap card received back all of a sudden. Great, no longer hungry now. Wish I had something like that, would help pay for many things needing done in the future. But, whatever. I will post this as you know I will as always do. Oh and she devil was nice with how I am told someone else did that not us. Could care less who did it, your rent is free, extra money is free to help offset utilities, that I have in my name. After paying utilities, you still have or had plenty left for making repairs. After all I do it little by little. Seven years of doing nothing takes time to clean up as well as takes money. Which is my money by the way that I just gave away not as pay, after all if able to find something else cheaper than rent free then why still here? I will do something in time, but meanwhile I give everyone time to make things right. Everyone! Like that $200.00, your holding for the electric that refused to leave until they received $200.00 in cash. That coming closer to the end time. I am sure you still holding that $200.00, after all I want my half back as well with other payments described in a few letters back like roof, as well as Pest control even! Just because you didn't want to rent the second time, is not my fault, after all I tried two times, and two times a reason to kick them out after a few days. I take it then $350.00 is plenty, so I will use what I need to in order to get even Pool room back to a pool room, when even your uncle and family gambled all the time on games. Can't do that now for how long going on seven years. Pest control, stirred up roaches' now even in my room. Had to always be there or ran in here after spraying? Everyone is given time before I do anything. Have a lot to say on spray day even with all of you outside wanting to get younger kid to see if he could get something that belongs to older brother. Taking pictures of my license as well as sitting in car. Whatever reason for that I am soon to learn I am sure. Asking if I know or heard from older kid. If I don't I assure you I will one way or another. Same as anyone that's an adult, if I wish to say something I will. Not only strangers see messages I write, the same business also see them and I assure you every business I complain about also see's that it is I saying what I say and they don't like it even. Worst is of course Bentonville County, but now even Washington County has joined the list, remember crooks or thugs do stick together after time. Washington country over priced babysitters even steal money from as they citizens even after saying the letter will not go to Eric because its too long. But, we'll still taking the money for us having to get someone to read it to us first. But, I am open as well as honest. Being honest hurts more than making up stories and saying something that is not true. Only real niggers do that. Need to remove that last word for sending into jail. In time I will answer your letter.