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2021-07-22 21:46:46 (UTC)

It pays the bills 🤨

Work was tough today. Nuff said about that. Blah!! Boss? Double blah!!! Hehe. But it pays the bills and the work itself if actually fun. Besides, getting paid to go clickity-clack on a keyboard is way easier than digging a ditch. I also know our next paycheck will have our pay increase in it. Woohoo!!!

Gym is becoming even more fun. Got three new coaches in training. One that I get along with very well and we tease each other a lot. She's hot of course so you know....I'm a man last I checked so gotta flat a little bit. I'd post the silly antics I do a the gym but it's for me. I will comment on one thing that was funny today. Our coach is very good at making gym members bond. When we're divided into smaller groups of 4-8, we rotate stations together. At the end of the workout, our coach tells us to thank your team individually and say how great they did today. That to me is too boring. So instead, I say in a jokingly way to each and every one of my team "Go to hell!" Partially because we had a brutal workout today and I'm just kidding around. They all took it well and each person I said it too started to laugh a little. Coach just shook his head but he knew I was playing around too.

Some of them were rookies. First time attending. After class, there is another coach that sits them down to see how they feel about the class and if they want to join. I swear, I probably was able to get a bunch of them to join. One time, they made me speak to a small group of potential gym peeps and all four of them ended up signing up. Haha. Suckers!!!!!!!! So I've been doubling up on classes. One morning class before work and one after work. I met a lot of new people especially the morning crew since I usually only go on Saturday mornings. Now I'm becoming a regular irregular and now I have about 10 new friends with friendly faces. Guys too so it's not all for the perv cause.

The weird part is my body is not used to healthy meals maybe? No wine. Lots of veggies. Protein is all goody-goody stuff like chicken breasts, turkey, lean meat, salmon. I also have yogurt, select fruit like blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and some banana once in awhile(sugar is sugar so gotta be careful). Lots and lots of water. Not just lots. Lots and lots. Hehe.

On a more serious notes, I sent a message to my older kiddo on FB. I told her that I always love her and her brother and to wish the boy a happy birthday. It was on July 21st. He may have gotten it, he may not. I am in peace with it regardless. Still being controlled by the ex wife and that too is ok. I'm cool with her doing what she feels is best for the kiddos and I can respect her train of thing.. That evil offing woman. haha. kidding not kidding.

Anyway, life is good. I'm losing weight and maybe gaining some muscle but I can't know for sure. I do know I'm taking like 3 showers a day and I'm having to do laundry a lot too now. Showering in the morning to wake up and get ready for gym, then come home and shower again because I'm all slimy from gym, the go to my 2nd session in the afternoon and take another shower after I get home. I go through around 4 set of clothes a day. Not due to a fashion fetish but it's because of two gym sessions a day. I like being clean. I don't like it when I'm sitting down on a chair all sweaty with sweaty man parts. TMI I know. BTW, the boxing match between Packman and Spence odds have changed again. Packman is now only at 160. Great news for me since I placed my bet at 320. Yay!!!!

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