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2021-07-22 23:44:00 (UTC)

Time to Pay the Reaper 4 (Early Years) NSFW TW

Ok you guys get the last part because I know I won't have a chance to get on tomorrow so lucky you lol

“do you trust me kitten?” he looked into my eyes
“let's start your punishment then shall we” He turned me to my knees pushed my head into the table pulled my hips up. Then he slapped me hard He slapped the other cheek even harder and I turned my face to get air and scream. He slammed into me with no warning just balls deep. I cried out from it. I was already so wet that didn’t matter but the sudden full feeling was overwhelming. He leaned forward changing the angle “don’t enjoy it too much or I will have to keep at it” He set a hard pace then he slowed and pulled from me. I was so empty I moaned ‘do you want me back inside you kitten” I moan he pushed back into me but this time I looked down between my arm and the knife was above my pussy again. “Touch your self kitten” He was losing himself He gripped the back of my neck holding me down. I suddenly felt the knife pierce my skin. I moaned his name over and over forgetting titles. He ran the knife lightly down my thigh and I felt the trickle of blood. He pulled me up by my neck so my back met his front. He kissed my neck “you belong to me and only fucking me I am marking you to prove it” He let me go pushing me back down holding me down by the middle of my back.
I screamed his name but in my mind, there was a little voice demanding I keep an eye on the knife. He called out my name and came deep inside of me. He laid down and I stayed where I was a minute. He looked up at me and smiled pushing the wet hair from my face. “are you ok?”
I nodded and he pulled me into him. He touched where he cut me and I flinched “it isn’t too deep it will heal”
I looked down. “you actually cut me?” He smiled “yes I did. did you hate it? I looked at him. I didn’t hate it I kind of liked it but I would be damn if I told him that. “ he smiled “you did I can tell” He kissed me “maybe we can do it again soon” I snuggled into him “Daddy” “yes kitten” “why knives?” “that is a story for another day kitten” He kissed my forehead “I love you’
I was sore for those who are curious. The next few days things were different. Even the guys picked up on it. The guys had come over and we were all outside. I was in a bathing suit to layout. “hey Can I ask you something” I looked up at Marc who had hung back to talk to me. Chris stayed too.
“are you ok?” I looked at him “what do you mean?”
Well, When you were outside I” Chris then said, “we noticed that you may have gotten hurt and we are worried about you” I must have looked confused because Marc walked into me and touched where the professor had cut me. I flinched it still hurt.
Chris walked to hid the action from the windows. “did he do that?” I nodded “did you agree to it?” I titled my head “I think so”
“you think so?” Well It happened while we were both ya know”
“were you present enough to consent to this” he touched it now. “yes I was” I jerk from them but ran into the counter “We don’t mean to pry baby Its just he has a habit of being rough and this kind of thing is not something a lot of people like” Chris nodded “princess if you don’t want to do anything like that you can stop it of course but please tell one of us.” Marc touched my face “I don’t want anything to happen to you baby” He took my hand and put it on his chest “promise me you will tell us if it gets too much” He leaned into me and his hand on the back of my head and pulled me so our forehead touched. “I promise” He smiled and lightly kissed me “thank you”
A throat cleared from the doorway. “what is going on in here?”
I looked up “nothing Daddy they were just helping”
“helping huh?”
Chris without missing a beat said “that and we would like to take her out we were asking if that was ok with her before we asked you so she had a choice in the matter” the professor chuckled “she has no choices here” Marc pulled me close and whispered, “you always do with us”.