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2021-07-22 23:02:16 (UTC)


He was still here at 4 but now he's gone somewhere at 5. I pray to hell he hasn't gone to the hospital to see her or bring her home. I sense he is feeling relaxed so I just don't know. I keep having the vision that he's going to come to me and apologize to me in tears. I've seen it 2 different ways.....him in the security truck and holding my hand and standing at my door both times him begging my forgiveness and if he shows up at my door apologizing it may turn intimate. I'm hoping for the second. I have a feeling she tried to overdose on something.

I've been thinking about the raise in my rent for the room going up. I'm afraid they'll raise it again next month or in a few months. If I end up leaving I'm afraid it will make getting him back next to impossible. I hope I'm just over reacting to all that's going on. On the same hand I can't help but wonder if the bitch hasn't had something to do with it. I always seem to go to the worst possible outcome and it doesn't happen. Please pray for me that it all works out. If David comes back to me next month there may be a possibility of him letting him move in with him so I don't end up on the street and I can help pay half of his rent.

If there's anyone out there reading this that's an empath or a seer please let me know something.

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