my life is a mess that i can't escape
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2021-07-22 22:43:55 (UTC)


If yoy want to know, eid lasts for 4 days.

Today, we woke up early. First of all, we visited grave of my grandfather. We prayed for him, watered his plants and cleanes the grave.
By the way, I wore the same skirt and everyone was looking at me I think but most of them were looking like me.

Then, we went to the village. We visited grave of my aunt. After that, we ate dinner at the village house. I think the meal wasn’t so delicious. Luckily, none of us got poisoned.

After lunch, we went to some relatives then we came back the my grandma’s home. My older cousin and her fiance was going to come here today. We waited for them. It was a boring process, but we were able to see *new groom*

He was a nice man. We ate dinner together, but I didn’t like behavior of my cousins. I think they don’t know how to speak nicely.

After dinner, both of my cousins (they are sisters) and that new groom wanted to go out. My grandma forced me to go with them, but I don’t have anything to share with them. I refused the offer.

I drank some tea and talked with family members instead of that. Uncle of my aunt (yes this word is long but i liked it) said that my handwriting looks good. So, I wrote invitation cards for the wedding.

By the way, I played 4 chess games today. I won all of them :)